Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Things From God

One of the highlights of my short tenure as a pastor happened last week. I had the honor of dedicating two babies to the Lord last week. From what I was told, it was the first baby dedication at First Assembly Bonham in several years. Not really sure why that was the case, but it sure was exciting to have those two little bundles of joy on the platform along with extended family members.

As this is my first pastorate (I came to the Lord late in life), I really was not sure how you did a multiple dedication. I had seen my pastor in Houston do one, but here I not only had two to do, but they were also cousins! But all went off without a hitch. The little ones were on their best behavior and Moms and Dads were very happy.

The experience made me realize how we can take gifts from the Lord for granted. We don't always recognize the He really is the source of all things good. And looking into those two little faces, knowing that if the Lord tarries that they will grow up into a world full of temptation, brought even closer to home how much we need to seek the Lord in all things. We need His presence in our lives. With His presence comes His power. And if we have His power, there is nothing we can't accomplish.

Seek Him, not him.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Why We Do Missions

We just received the preliminary report from Springfield on what our church gave to missions, both world and US. Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and spread the Good News. While we are not all called to go to full time missions, we can all play an important part by helping support missions through giving of offerings and prayer support.

An important thing to remember about missions work is that you and I can be missionaries where ever God has placed us. As you go about your day, be aware of the people that the Lord puts across your path. Often, people that we would normally not come into contact with seem to show up in the least likely places. It may be that these folks were supernaturally brought into our lives for "such a time as this." If God can use you in furthering His Word, He will bring people into your life that you might have other wise not been aware of. These God - directed meetings can have life changing results for both parties.

So be aware of every opportunity. Nothing happens by chance or coincidence. God bring people together for kingdom reasons. A couple in our church met in an unlikely situation, but the Lord had a God ordained marriage in His plans for two single people. They are now celebrating their second year of marriage and serving God together.

You are either a missionary or a mission field. (Not original, but I don't know who said it first)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who Are You?

One of the more interesting things in life is watching people and things grow and change. There have been some remarkable changes in the church and in me over the last 2 plus years. And that is the way it should be because if we stay the same and don't change, we get like that stagnant pool of water that doesn't support life.

The change has been both spiritual and physical. And neither one is complete yet. Services are becoming more focused on the Lord and what He desires for us. More and more His presence manifests in both worship and the Word and in our lives. That is the exciting part of seeing people see their relationship with Jesus grow and deepen. Because the idea of a personal relationship with God is hard for some people to accept. But when you allow it to happen, when you allow Him to be the most important part of your life, all those feelings of emptiness and doubt go away.

So if you are having issues you can't seem to fix yourself, there is Somebody waiting to help. Call on Him. If you have questions, call...we'll be glad to show you how to get to Him.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here We Go

Well, here we go. I hope that in all things discussed here, that those who contribute will be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus as their Lord. Because it's all about the relationship. A very smart man once said rules without relationships breed rebellion.

So I pray that as we explore this together, that your realtionship with The Savior will grow. And that you will become the vessel He wants you to be so that He can work through you. He has chosen His children to work through to take the message of salvation to others. Let's let Him use us.