Monday, April 30, 2007

Ready to Move

I am more convinced than ever that we are on the verge of seeing an awesome move of God in the Church. The more time I spend in His presence and being lead by the Holy Spirit through His Word, I really feel that He is going to use some available vessels to do some mighty things in this world. Things that are going to be so spectacular that they could only come through a supernatural move of God.

We have to be ready when the move begins. If our lamps aren't full of oil and the wicks trimmed be will miss being a part of this move. God is calling us to be ready. This coming move can be a spectacular opportunity to reach out to those who will see but not understand the things happening around them. But only for those who step out in faith and seize the moment.

So be ready. Unload everything that could keep you from being a part of what's to come. Be prepared to show love to the unlovable. Be open to what He asks you to do. You may be called to do something completely different. Get in the River and flow!

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Harry H said...

Patsor Eddie:
I am Harry Hollmann Jr, I live in Oak Hills California, my son Harry III lives in Bonham, he moved there last year. I will let him know about your church. he was raised in Calvary Chapel AOG church in El Sereno Cal. Pastor Waren Berwick.
I don't know if he attends church in Texas. My grandson Russell is in Motocross and they travel a lot to races.I notice like most people not to many respond to blogs. being a 70 year old internet junkie I love blogs.
Be Blessed.
Harry Jr